Our Story

Two Men and a Spa Dolly (TMSD) has been in business since May 2003. Initially we started out as a part time side job, but after seeing a gap in the spa services market for St. Louis, we decided to establish a company focused on fulfilling the needs of our customers. Our services range from new and refurbished spa sales, spa service and maintenance, storage and delivery, and in-ground swimming pool service and maintenance. We’re a family owned, local business with a team focused on delivering the best to our customers – here’s our story…

TMSD Founded

After an unorganized and frustrating installation of a newly purchased spa, the founder of TMSD reached out to the local business he’d bought the spa from to offer his services for weekend deliveries. With the previous delivery crew released, and our founder on his own, he recruited a familiar and knowledgeable resource – his younger brother.

During the first few months the two men spent their evenings and weekends delivering over 200 hot tubs! By the end of 2003 they realized the business would only continue to expand due to the growing need for local and reliable pool and spa services. TMSD moved out of their homes and invested in an office and an extended team.

Getting Started

The next year found TMSD contracted to four different St. Louis Metro Area retailers moving hundreds of spas, installing hot-tub-surrounds, gazebos and customized accessories.

New Opportunities

In 2005 TMSD received an opportunity to expand even further when a national retail chain contracted TMSD as the exclusive installers for all Above-Ground-Pool sales. After some initial training they went on to install over 15 Above-Ground-Pools that year! The portfolio of supported services and dealers was growing, gaining TMSD local recognition and more business.

Vegas Baby!

TMSD took a major step in 2006 by opening a branch office in Las Vegas, NV. Contracted to serve four dealers full time and several others on an as needed basis – organizing all deliveries, ranging from spas, gazebos, pool tables, tanning beds, outdoor kitchens, custom designed fire pits, and saunas. This was a major accomplishment and stabilized their presence in the Las Vegas market.

Unfortunately, due to the cost of running a remote site, TMSD decided to close the Las Vegas office in December of 2006. Our founders soon realized that this was a difficult, but fortunate, decision they would have to make in the face of an impending economic collapse that would cost the Pool and Spa Industry over 30% loss of revenue. Many dealers they once worked for in Las Vegas suffered terrible losses and never recovered.

New Growth

The following year saw TMSD moving to a new facility where they could offer storage, shipping, receiving, and on-site service work. Securing new partnerships with local retailers helped further grow the business and expand deliveries to regions in Illinois and Kansas. Even with consumer economic constraints driving sales reduction in the industry, TMSD still managed to increase their pace and meet an ever-growing demand for refurbished hot tub sales.

Service Is Essential

In 2008, the owners of TMSD were able to enjoy the hard work and success of the past five years, with strategic decisions and patience they were now absorbing the sales and services of local pool and spa retailers who were no longer in business. TMSD was now providing warranty work for one of the oldest and largest Hot Tub Manufacturers in the US, and along with their refurbished spas, gave them the expertise in multiple makes and models of hot tubs and swimming pools. The service department quickly became an essential part of the business, providing local full and part-time employment year-round.

Time To Diversify

With a proactive outlook on improvement and opportunity, TMSD looked for new ways to diversify by offering onsite outdoor storage of boats, campers, and trailers. Also partnering with their landlord to manage a six-acre lot for tractor trailer parking. They found where other companies had failed to weather the economic downturn, TMSD embraced the challenge and made it through.

More Work, New Decisions

As the economy gradually started recovering from the collapse, TMSD secured yet another global Hot Tub Manufacturer for deliveries and warranty service work. This work took them through Missouri, Kansas, and Iowa. Over the next 18 months, TMSD continued to strengthen their portfolio, realizing it was time to create equity and purchase their own property.

Growing Pains

As the footprint for TMSD grew, the owners put their efforts into finding the right facility to house all their needs. Unfortunately, an exhaustive searched proved to be a futile effort. TMSD started to feel the impact and quickly began to outgrow their current facility. It was then that the founders began organizing the construction of a new building, but were then denied the opportunity when their application was denied by the local Planning and Zoning department.

Time To Move

Always looking for the opportunity in any difficulty – they widened their search outside of the city limits and in October of 2012 they secured the purchase of two buildings on thirteen acres, just down the road from their first location. Using one building for office and retail needs and the other building for the showroom, warehouse, and service bays. Allowing TMSD to expand their refurbished sales and on-site services even quicker!

New Building Means Better Services

The new facilities did even more to help TMSD focus on their customer’s needs – with more room for retail they added a full line of pool and spa chemicals, accessories, and even a free computerized water test station with free filter cleaning and offering a chemical orientation at no cost. The abundance of space allowed TMSD to keep the services of onsite outdoor storage, giving them the ability to continue year-round-operations and pass the cost savings to their customers.

Calm Waters

TMSD saw steady business as they had now become the top choice for local pool and spa services, obtaining as much work on their own as sub-contracting for other dealers and retail stores in the area.

Inspections and Maintenance

In 2015 TMSD began working with local real estate companies to perform inspections and spa moves, were contracted by two new manufacturers for warranty work, and connected with several Home Warranty Companies that were requested In-Ground Pool service and maintenance.

Pool Time

Always looking for a challenge, 2016 lead TMSD to the next phase of the Pool and Spa industry. They dove into the In-Ground Pool service by performing pool openings, closings, scheduled maintenance, and service work. With the In-Ground Pool business thriving, TMSD began installing liners and winter cover replacements for In-Ground Swimming Pools as well.

Cal Spas Here We Come

In 2017 TMSD was approached by the highest rated Hot Tub Manufacturer in the US to be the local dealer for the St. Louis region. Strategic contemplation and consideration lead TMSD to, once again, embrace a new challenge and embark on the next journey for the business.

The New TMSD

TMSD continued to solidify their place in the competitive St. Louis retail market. Along with a successful line of refurbished spas, TMSD offers the energy efficient, quality Cal Spas brand of hot tubs and swim spas. With a kickoff tent sale in June, three local fairs, and numerous promotions – TMSD’s spa sales have exceeded expectations and established them as a promising new consideration to consumers. With a knowledgeable service staff, complimented by a sales staff able to educate the consumer on Spa sales we are growing as we move towards 2019.

Hard Work Pays Off

This year proved to be one of the most successful years for the company! With over a hundred spas sold during the second year of partnership with Cal Spas, the long established industry leader paid recognition to TMSD with two awards for Presidential Leadership and as a progressive ‘Up and Coming’ Dealer. The company continues to expand their portfolio with inground swiming pool services and now offers a new website retail store for convenience of customers! Representatives from TMSD have even been quoted or featured in Spa Retail magazine four times, showing TMSD’s dynamic efforts to positively contribute to the industry.

COVID Comes To Town

TMSD kicked off 2020 in style by winning the Cal Spas President’s award and Cal Spa’s Platinum Superstar Award! These special recognitions from our manufacturer were imperative to keeping our motivation when a Global Pandemic swept in a few months later and shut everything down. Luckily we were able to continue helping our customers stay safe and stress free with contactless sales and services. These practices have now become a staple of convenience for all customers as we remain flexible for everyone’s needs.

Record Year!

As we moved into a (mostly) post-COIVD year, TMSD worked to invest more into the company once again. We upgraded and expanded parts of the property and buildings that make up TMSD. We also expanded our staff, sales events, and marketing efforts throughout the year. In 2021 we set the best turnout for homeshows and sales events that TMSD had ever seen!

Big Appreciation and Big Changes

After a tough couple of years, TMSD recognized their employees as the biggest asset to the company! We invested in new vehicles, tools, training, and showed appreciation with improvements to competitive salaries and incentives.

We continued the positive momentum and were once again recognized by our manufacturer, Cal Spas, with a Gold Achievement award honoring our progress in outstanding sales and performance! As we reached new highs we met a new challenge of expanding our marketing efforts even further and moved into TV ads to reach new customers far and wide!

Looking Ahead

This next year is set to be the best yet as we kick off our 20th anniversary with another Gold Achievement award from Cal Spas!

As we have been successful over the years, we have also stumbled through the process. We recognize we don’t have the same customers as we once had, but through this process we have become more diversified with a focused emphasis on customer service. Our motto, is “Educating customers while removing the stress of Pool and Spa ownership.” Our years of industry and consumer experience gives everyone at TMSD the confidence to lead our customers into solutions that meet their needs and budget.