In order for the delivery crew to complete the best installation possible we recommend the following tips:

  • The delivery coordinator will go over all the prep work and site evaluation prior to scheduling the delivery. If there was any prep work for your site, be sure to have this completed prior to arrival. The delivery company is not required to assist in the removal or replacement of any of the prep work. Wait time for Delivery Company’s can play havoc with a schedule. All wait times will be billed directly to the customer @ $75/hour.


  • Make yourself aware of the size of the product you just purchased. Take numerous measurements to verify your new product will fit in, around, through, under, beneath any obstacles. You will need to have 4” minimum side clearance and 12” overhead clearance due to the dolly used to deliver your product. One of the most common mistakes is the overhead clearance, I/E – gutters, roof lines, decks, stairs, trees, and bushes. These are some of the most obvious but may be others at your location.


  • If access to you location is limited due to side and/or overhead clearance or exceeded height restrictions, we offer the ability to deliver your product with a crane. Understand that this service is an extra cost to you the customer, not the retailer or the delivery company. The costs for this service ranges from $150 to $1000 depending on height, distance and location. In many cases this is the safest way to deliver your product.


  • The delivery coordinator will give you a 3-4 hour window when to expect the delivery. Understand that delivering heavy awkward products can cause delays in the schedule. Asking for an exact time is nearly impossible to accommodate. We suggest that you plan an entire day to expect delivery, due to the unforeseen delays that may happen throughout the day.


  • As the customer, please have all necessary financing completed prior to delivery. This will ensure the delivery is completed to your expectations and in a timely manner.


  • During your delivery, expect 30-90 minutes to complete delivery on most items. Understand that gazebos and pool tables may take a little longer to complete, be patient, this is a major purchase for you and we would rather take our time to do it right the first time. Old saying goes, “haste makes waste”


  • Upon arrival the delivery manager will introduce himself and go over any paperwork required prior to delivery. At this time you should instruct the delivery manager of the final placement of the product. This is a good time to ask general questions, but realize that each and every person has a different opinion of how things will look the best. Our suggestions are just that, a suggestion and to our knowledge there are no wrong answers outside of the obvious.


  • For Spas, there should be a little more time spent on the placement, taking into consideration the location of the control panel, seating preferences, entrance to the spa (steps & handles), drain, filter, and the limitations of the cover lifter and/or cover before committing to the placement of the spa.


  • Your spas electrical connection should be finished in some sort of electrical conduit. This can enter the spa from any location on the exterior and some areas thru the bottom of the spa. Don’t be fooled by an electrical contractor when he tells you that you need it the way he wants it. If the connection will enter from the bottom of the SPA you will need to get a blueprint of the Spa from your dealer in order to have the conduit placed in the correct spot.


  • You should ask the delivery company to compare the spa being delivered with your paperwork. This will prevent the wrong spa being delivered.


  • Feel free to drop us an email with any suggestions or comments about your delivery experience as we are continually working to enhance the delivery process.


TMSD Management