Chemical Maintenance

SPA: The purpose of this sheet is to establish a chemical program that is easy to understand and maintain. Water chemistry can seem intimidating, not to mention confusing. The basic startup kit usually contains a variety of different chemical components. This can be overwhelming to the majority of consumers. We feel our experiences with many of the major spa dealer’s chemical programs, will reduce the stress of chemical maintenance. Our Program is designed to separate the chemicals into 3 categories, thus simplifying the maintenance. Make sure that you have at least one pump running before adding any chemicals to your water. Never add water to the chemicals, always add chemicals to the water. Always allow chemical to circulate 5 mins before adding next chemical. Wait at least 30 mins after adding chemicals for the most accurate readings.  Initial Chemical startup:
  • 16 ounces Metal gone/Protect (Usually one full bottle)
  • 2 ounces of Chlorine
Weekly chemical maintenance:
  • Check PH – adjust .5oz at a time
  • Scum gone – adjust .5oz at a time
  • Scale defender – 2 oz
  • Non-chlorine shock – 1.5 oz 3 times a week
  • Chlorine – 1 oz, once a week
Periodic Maintenance (as needed):
  • Spa Clarifier – if water is hazy
  • De-foamer – as needed
  • Filter cleaner – soak twice a year
  • Cover conditioner – twice a year
  • Acrylic wax – once a year
  • Ph auto balance – once a quarter
  • De-foaming agents should be used very lightly. Foam will naturally occur due to body oils, shampoos, makeup, deodorants, and the detergents used in washing the swimsuits, J. Preventing foam can be as easy as using hot water to wash the swimsuits. We recommend a separate suit used only for the spa.
  • Filter Cleaners should be used to break down the oil build up that accumulates on the filter over time. You should soak your filter’s at least 2 times per year in order to maximize the operation of the filtration system.
  • Cleaning your filters once a week with a garden hose or kitchen faucet will extend the life of the filter and lesson the need for chemicals to keep your water correct. You can also run them thru your dishwasher with NO SOAP!
  • Cover conditioners should be utilized, especially if the spa is used in a dry climate. We recommend conditioning your cover at least 4 times per year with a cleaner that doesn’t contain alcohol, silicone, or wax (303 is an excellent choice).